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BLOG - Understand your data to build successPosted Date: 25 Jun 2013

If there is one topic guaranteed to provoke debate in the construction sector, it is costs.  A major player in the industry recently announced the closure of a number of regional sites due to what it described as a “disproportionately high cost base”. Sadly, the decision is almost certain to lead to job losses and a knock on effect all along the business and supply chain network.  But couldn’t some of these problems have been seen in advance?

More and more businesses in a variety of sectors such as manufacturing and retail are taking advantage of Business Intelligence (BI) systems which show them where they stand versus what they want to achieve. And they have no shortage of data that they can exploit.

Business Intelligence reporting tracks and evaluates the process of winning business and extending the business pipeline. It provides you with a solid analysis of your forecast pipeline - the wins, losses, problem areas, top performing divisions, estimators and a host of other valuable analysis.

With specific reference to high cost bases, such BI systems clearly set out both project and overhead based costs, in terms of personnel, plant, material and subcontract costs, and as importantly, non-recoverable costs, allowing a single view of your business data.

So, it’s time for the construction industry to take advantage and ownership of the data available to it and make better decisions about the path ahead.  Because while the construction industry may be ever more competitive with budgets constrained, the winners will be those that use their operational data effectively to remain agile in an uncertain world.

By Simon Eyre, Managing Director of Xpedeon