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Vijay Tanks credits Xpedeon. !!Posted Date: 20 Oct 2014

“We were looking for an ERP solution that would be easy and flexible to operate, improve implementation of work processes across our offices / plants / project sites and provide insight on our operations in a manner that could enhance the  quality of our decision making. After an extensive evaluation process, the choice of going with Xpedeon ERP was an easy one. Adoption of Xpedeon required minimal customization and the long years of experience that Algorithm have gained developing ERP solutions for the Projects business was evident in the thought put into the report generation capabilities of the system. 
Most importantly, the lean architecture of the system enabled us to leverage the benefits of an ERP system without becoming slaves to complex data input and process protocols that seemed typical of most other ERP solutions.  Our users are specialists in their field but expertise in the use of software tools is not available across the board and there were concerns about how we could ease this migration in operations. However Xpedeon helped make the process of implementation and roll-out less daunting and more accessible. Algorithms industry expertise alongwith the commitment and enthusiasm of our own team enabled us to achieve a successful Go Live on time and with remarkable accuracy. Xpedeon now provides us a robust, scalable and flexible platform to deliver our ambitious growth objectives.”  
Anand R. Raghavan
Managing Director
Vijay Tanks & Vessels