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Laurels for Xpedeon !!!Posted Date: 28 Jul 2015

After having tried a number of ERP solutions without success, we went through a long and careful selection process to choose Xpedeon ERP for implementation at KCL. We saw its user friendliness, excellent report generation capabilities, depth of functionality and tools to implement the system quickly as the major distinguishing factors.
Xpedeon comes with Construction Industry specific functionality out of the box and required minimal customization to fit into our company’s business processes. Our users are not experts in the use of software and Xpedeon made the process of an IT system adoption across the company quite painless. The industry expertise of the Algorithms team together with the commitment shown by our own team enabled us to achieve a successful Go Live on time and with remarkable accuracy in 7 weeks flat. The Implementation methodology adopted and Project tracking from Algorithms team enabled the Project to be on time and provided transparency at all times during implementation.
Xpedeon now provides us a robust, scalable and flexible platform to deliver our ambitious growth objectives. We are glad with the decision we made.
Amit Barad
Ketan Constructions Limited.